Sarahs Song – Geburtstagslied für eine sehr spezielle Frau

A pretty punk-princess
is born in nineteeneightyone
her eyes are sparkling blue,
her smile is shining like the sun.

And butterflies
are dancing in the sky
a tiny little princess
learns to live by and by.

She grows up, learns to play,
to speak, to tell the world her wishes
all she wants is pink, her shoes,
her dress, her cups and dishes.

And butterflies
are smiling in the sky
a tiny little princess
is growing by and by.

Then she becomes a sister,
woman, mother and a wife
her beauty and her heart
is lighten up her husbands life.

And butterflies
are singing in the sky
a tiny little princess
is grown up by and by.

Today is her birthday
we just made a little song
we hope she will enjoy it
when we come and sing along.

Have a nice day
and all your luck may stay
the tiny little princess
is the queen of today.


 Foto on Pixabay