gloomy red lullaby

He called her blazing bride.
Her hair was fiery red.
When he took her beside,
she felt heavenly glad.
His love seemed so true,
when they kissed all night
and her mind was blue,
while her heart was blind.

His blue eyes grew cold,
and he swaggers so proud,
when so silent she told
him a baby would come.
And he laughed so loud,
and he struck her heart.
She felt heavy apart,
tearblind eyes in the sun

She found a hidden place
not far from her home.
Putting blankets on the gras
and picking up flowers
a lullaby she sung.
White daisies sparkled
in red hair so wild
when graceful she kissed the gun.

Red haired one on the run
when the innocence died.
Red haired one took the gun,
sung a gloomy red lullaby
© gabi m. auth

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